El Chupacabra opened in March 16th 2005 at the Phinney Ridge location and has been serving up delicious burritos and margaritas ever since.

photo-5The owners moved to Seattle from San Francisco in 1991 and were surprised to find the delicious burritos they had been living off from the SF mission District didn’t exist in Seattle at the time. They were young and broke and put the pipe dream of opening a burrito joint in Seattle on the back burner.

Fast forward to 2005 with just barely enough money scraped up and calling in favors from all their friends and family they opened the first Chupa. The old juke box was filled with their favorite punk rock and heavy metal tunes. The menu was simple and all written on a chalk board by the kitchen. Burritos and Tacos, four meat choices and tons of fresh homemade salsa, rice, beans and all the fixins. With no advertising and a simple menu the two just figured they sell a few burritos to their friends and get a few people in for the good beer and cocktails.o (2)

Seattle was hungry for good, fresh, homemade Mexican food liked the relaxed atmosphere, great prices, and the people keep coming hungry for more. We’ve expanded to three locations around Seattle. Come join us in Greenwood, West Seattle, or South Lake Union….