Celebrating 10 Years

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since our doors first opened in Greenwood? Since then we’ve had good times, terrific customers and amazing employees. Almost 4 years ago we expanded to Alki Beach and became part of that great community as well.

On our anniversary we will be offering happy hour all day long (and some Speedy Gonzales shots here and there!) Here’s to another decade of El Chupacabara!


Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo, is always a crazy time at the Chupa, Drink specials all day, free t-shirts, and our kick ass margaritas and burritos is a the best way to celebrate cinco.

First Visit, and I’ll surely be back!

Originally Posted on TripAdvisor

A friend of mine recently moved to the City, and I ventured out for a night out with her. She took me to El Chupacabra, and it was delicious. I was very impressed with the quality, atmosphere, service. I ordered the fish burrito which was wonderful. The little basket on the table with the different sauces were really nice, great flavor!
Also, for a drink I ordered the Bartenders Margarita, very good, so I had two!

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Greenwood Artwalk

We have the art walk coming up! The neighborhood’s BIG art Walk is set for May 10 and 11. Our featured artist this year is Oleana Perry with her day of the dead art she is a perfect match for the Chupa. www.krakenwest.com

Chilaquiles After a Massage

Originally posted on TripAdvisor

My friend and I planned a relaxing Sunday of a foot massage and then brunch at El Chupacabra afterwards which was only several blocks down the street from the spa. It was an awesome sunny Sunday in Seattle, even though it was chilly but that’s our winter up here. We found street parking in front – so lucky, otherwise, good luck because it can be a busy area. It’s across the street from Red Mill Burgers. There might be a parking lot nearby, I can’t remember, but don’t fret because parking will be found.

We headed in for brunch which started at 11 am. I loved the decor – think Dia de los Muertos – and that there was an outside deck. The deck will be great in the summer. Very cool feel and comfy with groups of family, friends, kids enjoying Sunday brunch. My friend recommended the chilaquiles and that’s what I ordered. I chose scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs (no runny yolks for me, thank you). You can have the eggs as you choose. Mmm, mmm savory goodness. Very filling but didn’t stuff me to the point of countdown to food coma. I also had a great mango lemonade. Lemonade usually leaves me phlegmy (sorry, had to be said), but no such effect. The prices were reasonable and food was tasty. This is a good spot to meet up with friends and meet new ones.

My friend told me some of the gals who work here are involved with roller derby. Aha! I knew there was something awesomely fantastic about the women who worked here. They all had kick butt rockstarness which made me want to step up my own kick buttness. Definite fun place, awesome looking staff, good service, good food, and good location. I’ll be back!

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Delicious & inexpensive

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Awesome tasting mexican food and really reasonable prices. There are a couple of vegan meats and cheeses to choose from. I had a chik’n chimichanga and it was AWEOME. My only beef is that the service is slow (they seemed under-staffed) and the place is dark, dingy and LOUD. Turn down the music, people! Otherwise, a totally awesome place.

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Almost as good as my mother in law’s cooking!

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I have been searching for authentic Mexican food everywhere I go, ever since we moved away from my husbands parents. This place has at least one dish that actually comes close. The soy chicken tinga is amazing! I was really excited that they offer fake meats, which is even harder to find than good mexican food. I would highly recommend this place to any vegan or vegetarian. Most dishes can be made vegan and even have vegan cheese!

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I went here this weekend with 3 other vegan friends. This place came highly recommended and I can see why. First off, it has a fun, cozy atmosphere. The place was packed, and it took about 20 minutes before a table opened up for us. Next, *everything* on the menu can be made vegan. They have Daiya vegan cheese and vegan “beef” and “chicken”, which both have great texture and flavor. We got vegan chimichangas (both beef and chicken), as well as a wet burrito. Everything was excellent, the server was great, and the price was more than reasonable for the generous portions we got.

Will happily eat here again.

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West Seattle restaurants: El Chupacabra expanding to Alki

Originally posted on the West Seattle Blog

A sighting of El Chupacabra on Alki is expected soon – but it won’t be fodder for summoning paranormal investigators – it’ll be a reason to dine and drink. Shortly after Casa Feliz closed on the lower level of 2620 Alki Avenue SW (photo above added 4:18 pm), brown paper went up and tips came into the WSB inbox asking “what’s moving in?” This afternoon, we have the answer. We spoke with Aaron Wright, whose El Chupacabra Mexican restaurant and bar is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary on Phinney Ridge – he is hoping to open the Alki branch before that mid-March date. Read on for details:

“I’ve been wanting to expand, and I love Alki Beach,” Wright told us. “I grew up in San Diego on the beach, and it reminds me of the beach area over there. I just think it’s a great location.”

So for those who haven’t been to his El Chupacabra on Phinney Ridge, what’s the atmosphere? “Sort of a Day of the Dead theme,” he began. “A punk-rock-type atmosphere. Everything’s really inexpensive, nothing’s over 10 dollars on the menu. Mission-style burritos and tacos.”

Good news for vegetarians/vegans, too: “We have a pretty good line of veggie and vegan options; we’re using a new vegan cheese and have four different types of fake meat.”

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El Chupacabra Loves Vegans

Originally posted in the Vegan Score

Those of you who call Phinney Ridge, Ballard, Greenwood, or Fremont home are likely quite aware of the eclectic and hoppin’ El Chupacabra Mexican restaurant and bar, but for the rest of Seattle this little joint could be a well-kept secret.

If you haven’t been there, picture a tiny house filled with La Calavera Catrina tchotchkes, a cozy fire, a bustling bar, twinkling x-mas lights, and an amazing jukebox selection. That this restaurant has served house-made veggie chorizo since it opened, is quite unique – but the news that they now offer Daiya vegan cheese and two types of vegan “meat” for their dishes is just out of this effing world!

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