Thanks for your interest in the upstairs space at the Chupacabra on Alki Beach!  To book your party review the information below then email us at

Please include the following in your message:

  • How many people in your party?
  • Specific date and time that you are interested in.
  • Do you have any special requests or additional questions that are not addressed below?
  • We have a ping pong table! Would you like to use it or have it moved out of the space before the party?
  • Will you be eating off of our menu or just drinking and light snacks?

Email is the preferred method of communication. It is much easier for us to work out details via email so that we have a reference to look over closer to your party date. (Just a heads up, we check our email mornings on weekdays and it may take us several days to respond.)

Frequently asked questions…

  • We need two or more weeks’ notice for parties and are limited during our peak business hours or depending on bookings that have already been made.
  • There is a minimum total depending on the size of your party (see below for details).
  • Event time limit is 4 hours.
  • We do not take reservations for the downstairs or for individual tables, there is a first come first serve list for walk-in patrons.
  • We only take one private event per day.
  • We are closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • We do not provide off-site catering.

How payment works & what is the minimum:

There is a minimum payment required that will apply to the total bill for the party and is not a separate fee or deposit.

We require a primary card provided in person at the start of your event.  If you do not reach the minimum by the end of your event, we will charge the difference to the primary card when you close out. An 18% gratuity is added to event tabs.

If your party would like separate tabs during your stay, please let the staff know beforehand.

Option 1: up to 30 people

  • 500 dollar party minimum
  • You get the indoor area upstairs (inside tables and bar on the second floor)  for up to 30 people with no public admittance.  The outside patio will remain open to the public weather permitting.
  • If your party becomes larger than 30 the day of your event, your minimum will be raised to the option 2 pricing.

Option 2: 30 – 50 people

  • 1000 dollar party minimum
  • You will have the inside and patio with no public admittance. This includes the indoor tables, bar, and outside patio section on the second floor for 30-50 people.

Food & Drink:

  • For reservations of any size, our food and drink menus are available.
  • You may order items off of the menu when you party arrives. No pre-order available for food or drinks at this time.
  • Group-friendly menu suggestions are single tacos, nachos, quesadillas, tachos, mexi tots, poppers, fried jalapenos, rice & beans, black bean dip & chips, guacamole & chips, chips & salsa.
  • Dinner items can be individually ordered when your group arrives as well. These items include burritos, enchiladas, tortas, taco salads, tostadas, chimichangas, and posole soup.
  • If you come between 4-6 every day there is a Happy Hour food and drink menu!
  • We may set limits on alcoholic beverages by passing out drink tickets if you are offering your group access to the bar items on a tab. Just ask ahead of time so we can set this up.
  • Please take note that we do not provide special event pricing and do not have a catering menu.
  • All food is prepared at the time of party arrival to avoid food loss from late or canceled reservations.