H20120312-205507ere at El Chupacabra, we specialize in Mexican food with our own fresh spin. You’ll love our overstuffed burritos, tasty tacos, and cheesy enchiladas. We use the highest quality meat, dairy and fresh produce available. We prepare all of our sauces, salsas, beans, rice, and meats in-house daily.

images (1)If you want to avoid meat or dairy, or have nut allergies, we’ve got you options for you as well. We serve up the some best meatless and dairy free options in Seattle. From our original fake meat (vegetarian) to our spicy mock chicken (vegan) and vegan cheese there’s a ton of options!  All of our beans, rice, sauces, and salsas are made without dairy or animal products so accommodating is simple.  Trying to avoid gluten? We have flour free corn torillas. (*Keep in mind that everything is prepared in the same kitchen and highly sensitive individuals should dine at their own discretion.)

Prices vary from location to location but generally start between $3.5 and $12 per menu item, so we won’t break your bank either!

We have hands down the best Mexican food you’ve ever had in Seattle!

Lunch & Dinner
Happy Hour

  • Pricing may vary slightly for each location, therefore are not posted online. We will provide menus with current item prices at each location when you come in.
  • To go orders; Due to high volume during peak hours, we prioritize in-house customers.  If you are not getting through on the phone please try back at another time or visit us in person.
  • 10% gratuity to all to-go orders for the extra service packaging orders.
  • WE ARE NOT affiliated with any 3rd party delivery companies (including Postmates or Doordash).
  • We do not provide off-site catering or large trays of pre-prepared food at this time.
  • If you are highly sensitive to any of the allergens we prepare in our kitchen, we are not liable for cross-contamination or human error that may occur during food preparation and service. Dine at your own discretion.