What is a Chupacabra?

from Wikipedia
The Chupacabra or Chupacabras from chupar “to suck” and cabra “goat”, literally “goat sucker” is a legendary cryptid rumored to inhabit parts of the Americas. It is associated more recently with sightings of an allegedly unknown animal in Puerto Rico Mexico, and the United States, The name comes from the animal’s reported habit of attacking and drinking the blood of livestock, especially goats.
BUT: in Seattle, the Chupacabra is a burrito joint that serves up tasty margaritas, kick-ass tacos, and enormous burritos, all made fresh in-house.

Covid 19

We follow all local and federal recommendations for covid restrictions. As things are changing fast, please visit the King County guidelines to see where we are at.

Do you take reservations?

No, we operate on a first come first serve basis.  Don’t fret, we have a list to make sure everyone is sat in order of arrival and party size.  (No call aheads– you have to come in to be put on the list 😉 )

Do you do take out?

Yes! Just call, come in, or use our website (Greenwood / Alki) to place your order for take out.

Due to high volume during peak hours we prioritize walk-in customers. So if you are not getting through on the phone please try back at another time or visit us in person.

We do not provide off-site catering. (This includes large trays of food prepped for groups, please order off of the menu.)

We do not deliver. If you decide to use a third-party service and an order is incorrect or you need to change something, call the service you used so they can refund or fix orders as we do not have control over those requests.

Where do I get one of those kick-ass chupacabra shirts or a gift card?

El Chupacabra merch and gift cards are available in house for purchase, just ask your server or bartender.

Do you add gratuity?

A 10% gratuity to all to-go orders for the extra service packaging orders. You will see the 10% at the above your total on the check. Once a receipt is signed it is a finalized transaction–so please read your bill before signing!

We will also add 18% to any tabs left open at the end of the night as well as large parties based on server discretion.

Do you allow kids?

Yes, we allow kids while the kitchen is open in the ‘under 21’ areas of El Chupacabra.

Can I bring my Dog?

We love dogs, but no pets are allowed inside the building or on the patio.  “ADA defined service animals” are always welcome to stay alongside their human companions in any part of the restaurant.

You can tie your well-behaved pet outside on the sidewalk. We’ll bring them water upon request if you choose to do so.

FOR CLARITY,  emotional support animal (ESA) and therapy dogs are NOT classified as service animals and they are not permitted inside. An ADA approved service animal must be trained to preform a specific task for your disability, not just ‘provide comfort’ for you. In addition, if you purchased a service animal “kit” or card online, BUT your dog does not have the proper training– you do not have an ADA defined service animal. Please visit the following site for more information if you are confused or unsure about the rules https://www.ada.gov/regs2010/service_animal_qa.html

Allergies & dietary restrictions:

Keep in mind that we do prepare food in a shared kitchen space, there is always a possibility of cross-contamination in a small space. If our shared kitchen space is ok for you then you have many options to pick from!

Vegans and Vegetarians: We offer veggie options including mock meats, vegan cheese, & sour cream on our menu.  Plus– all of our beans, rice, sauces, and salsas are made without dairy or animal products so accommodating is simple.

Gluten-Free: We have many gluten-free options on the menu. (*Not recommended for anyone with serious celiacs though, we use shared kitchen space and cooking utensils and it is impossible to guarantee a 100 clean product.)

Nut Allergies:  We do not have any ingredients that include nuts and use canola oil in our fryer.

***Highly sensitive individuals: Please keep in mind that we use shellfish, dairy, soy, and gluten ingredients and prepare all foods in a shared kitchen space.  Grills, fryers, pots, and pans are used for all items.  Our cooks clean between prep but we understand that keeping food truly safe means avoiding all cross-contamination, including particles that may be in the air and human error, something that’s not 100% possible in a busy kitchen.

If you are highly sensitive to any of the ingredients we use in our kitchen, there is risk of cross-contamination or human error that may occur during food preparation and service. We will do our best to accommodate you but please dine at your own discretion.

Can I get an itemized receipt at a later date?

Unfortunately, we do not reissue receipts after the date of your transaction.  The staff will always provide you with both an itemized and credit card receipt at the time of sale,  please keep these copies for your records.

There is a disclaimer printed on each receipt that states “Keep this copy for your records! We cannot provide itemized copies on a later date. sorry!”