El Chupacabra – Mexican Bar and Restaurant in Seattle

Ranked as one of the top locations for Mexican food in the city of Seattle, El Chupacabra is named after the legendary creature of the same name and offers family-friendly, casual dining with a laid-back attitude and a lively vibe in both of its Seattle locations.

Blending the charm and flair of a Mexican cantina with the rebellious attitude of a punk rock bar, El Chupacabra is the perfect place to enjoy great music, amazing drinks, and delicious food. If you love Mexican flavors, spices, margaritas, and more, you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

The homemade hot sauces and terrific tacos stand out as some of the top options on the menu, with fruity cocktails and fun Happy Hours every single day adding a lot of life and vibrancy to these locations, giving them a unique ambience and atmosphere unlike anywhere else in all of Seattle.

The first El Chupacabra opened up back in 2005 and the citizens of Seattle have been in love with this mini Mexican chain ever since. If you’re looking for good times, friendly staff, flavorful meals, and lots of life and noise all around you, El Chupacabra is most definitely the best place to be.